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Across the different product lines that Buff and Shine Manufacturing offers, users will find a consistency in the construction and durability of the pads, regardless of the size, shape, material, or intended use of the pad.



Generally, we manufacture two types of buffing pads.  Within these two groups are sub groups of buffing pads that are different in respect to their composition, size and design.  The two main buffing pad groups are wool and foam pads.


At Buff and Shine Mfg. backing plates have moved forward by leaps and bounds these past couple years.   Our main goal in the short run was to produce a backing plate for both large wool and foam pads that was strong and true.  We hit the mark on both.  Critical to overall buffing performance is to have a backing plate that spins true; we can’t overemphasize this point.  Otherwise, the wobble at slow RPMs becomes a major wobble at higher speeds.  The fewer wobbles you have the easier it is on the technician to finish the job without fatigue and imperfections.  In the long run the above backing plate will be used as a model to spin off various other plate designs.  Bench and field testing will already be complete, so it’s a matter of prioritizing the new backing plates. 

Car Buffer
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